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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sand Findings, Fantasy

Now, this is one of my extreme favorites. I painted the painting on an already existing watercolor background. I then collage some pieces of tissue and discarded pieces of watercolors. I also colored the piece of cheesecloth and then glued in on. It reminded me of looking down on the sand or for that matter down anywhere and finding these pieces of papers or discarded wrapping paper. Measurements are 9x12
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A Woodland Dream

This painting is on acrylic canvas paper. I published it once on the old blog. I like this painting a lot even though it is small, a 9x12. It is done just in acrylics and it is my first attempt at canvas paper.
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Having a ball

This is a small collage from the series Life with Papa. Just remembering fun times so long ago. This image is 5x7.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Gold and Purple Friends

This is a very small painting 8x10. I rubbed gold filling paint all over a surface that had been painted in watercolors and added the lines in ink and pastel.
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This painting reminds me of a day long ago when we picked blueberries on the Parkway. It was a lovely , clear day. This painting is small, a 6x6
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Posted by PicasaThe four pictures to the far right were exhibited in the Community Show in Bryson City. These were some of my very early abstracts. Since then I have done many, many more which will be exhibited in a solo show in December at the Swain Co. Center for the Arts.

Pirouettes or piruetas

This painting was first 15x22 and I cropped it. I poured the paint and then put pieces of glass on top while wet. It formed the long piece and then I added more colors. When dried I added yet more shapes with acrylic inks.
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This is a favorite painting of mine and it has a sequel. It is painted in foam board in both watercolors and acrylics. Then I printed with florist ribbon and added other touches. The painting measures 12x12
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Part Three of Fun Colors

This is part three of the tryptich. It is the middle painting.

Second Painting in Tryptich

This is the second part of the tryptich belonging to the series Life with Papa. This 8x10 stands at the end of the three openings. Same technique was used as in number one. Will publish the middle one, too.

Red, Yellows and Blues Game

This piece is part of a tryptich . I used tissue paper on watercolor painted sheet. Then I incorporated some net from a potato sack and also the string. I worked with it till I got a satisfactory arrangement. This is a happy piece and is part of a series called Life with Papa, remembering happy childhood times at the beach, circus and other fun outings with my father and mother. The measurements are 8x10 each and are framed in a white frame which measures in total l6.5x33. It is hung in a horizontal manner contrasting with the vertical direction of the paintings.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Green and Blue Dance

Here is painting done at the same time as Remembrance, the last post. I played with cardboard, gluing in to the support. Then I proceeded to paint over . Also, first, I gave it an overall wash. Measurements are 20x30. Is the title suitable?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Orange and Blue Abstraction

Painting was born out of pieces of old watercolors. I pasted the shapes as I torn them on an existing piece of watercolor that had been painted in turquoise. I then added some lines and the white lines are cut from left over photo paper. The dimensions are 16x20.

Sunny, Summer Days

This painting is 20x30 in acrylics. I find painting in this media very appealing and fun. There are multiple layers of paint in my favorite colors. I consider this painting to be a sort of turn around from painting watermedia which I still love. Am enjoying seing videos on the tube. My kind friend Rosemary has put me on to these I am learning a lot. Also inspiring. I am going to do a demo for an art league and it is neat to see how others demo.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Purples and Oranges Dancing

This painting is 20x30 in acrylics . Had great fun painting it.Posted by Picasa

Midnight Colors

This work is 15x11. It is a mixed media work in watercolors,acrylics and inks. The work started at a pouring and after careful observation I added a pouring of white ink and incorporated some lines.Glad to be back posting after my other blog won't function because of a change in email address.. Hope all my followers will join me in this blog. http://silviawilliamspaintsmixedmedia.blogspot.com or swsilart@gmail.com

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Golden Rush, An Acrylic Painting by Silvia Williams

This image is 9x12. It is on canvas. It has many layers of paint. I finally finished it with gold paint.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Red and the Black

This was an experiment with black which I seldom use. Also used newspaper and tissue. Measurements are 15x11.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010