Daily Painters Abstract Gallery

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Walls of Ancient City

 SOLD.Am pleased to say this painting also sold at the World Around Us Gallelry 86 show.

Memories of Distant Lands

 SOLD. Am proud to post that word. This painting sold from Gallelry 86 inWaynesville. The show the World Around Us still going at that gallery. For more paintings to go gallerytwosixtwo@gmail.com

Monday, July 11, 2011

Foggy Days

 This is another pair of small paintings . One one left is 5x5 and one on right is 6x6. They can be hung together or separately. These are media works in wrapped around canvas. View them at purchase gallery262@gmail.com.

Yellow and Blue and Purple Friends

 This collage is 18x24. It was inspired by a demo I did in my experimental art class. It hangs at gallery 262. Click on gallery262@gmail.com

Blue and Red Neighbors

 This series of 5x5 is a twosome that can be hung in various directions. They are finding a happy home along with 10 others in various sizes and colors at gallery262@gmail.com

When Jazz Was In Peril

 This 8x8 acrylic is a mixed media painting using transfering techniques. I am getting started in this technique and am having fun. Will be giving a workshop at Leapin Frog Gallery on August 6th. For purchase click on gallery262@gmail.com

Yellow, Red and Blue in Motion NO. 2

Another threesome in 6x6  acrylic series. Purchase and view at gallery262@gmail.com

Yellow, Red and Blue in Motion by Silvia Williams

 This trio of 6x6 paintings can be hung in various ways. I am showing them at gallery 262. You may click gallery252@gmail.com for purchase. I have about a dozen of these paintings which I will post.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tri Color

This foursome is done in wrapped around canvas in acrylic. The set can be purchased separately or together. Contact gallelry262@gmail.com or write me.at swsilart@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Memories of Distant Lands

 This painting is now hanging at a show called The World Around Us . It is at Haywood Co. Arts Council's Gallery 86. Email info@haywoodarts.org if desired to purchase. It is $525

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blue and Turquoise Wheel

 This painting is part of an exhibit The World Around Us. It is now at the Haywood Arts Council and may be purchased by writing info$haywood arts.org

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ar The Opening of The World Around Us

 I am photographed here with two of the seven paintings that are hanging at the Haywood Arts Council Gallery 86 in Waynesville,NC .There are six other artists from Europe and Asia. International Food was served and we had large crowds attending. Am feeling very good as I received lots of compliments and many say, if I may boast, that mine were the best paintings. . I will publish the other paintings.