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Saturday, October 23, 2010


This small painting is in a black frame 8x10. It is done in colored pencils and it is a favorite of mine. I often listen to music while I paint and this emerge from the experience.
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Autumn, View from Studio

This small painting 8x10 was done in honor of Artist's Day which is Monday. It is a multilayered painting and it began with leaves collected on a walk around home. I pasted the leaves to get texture and then I put pastels and acrylics to finish it and give the feeling of Fall as I look at it through my studio window and really all through the house windows.
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Jazz No. 14 at L Street

This painting is an acrylic 40x40. It is finished with pastels and stamping. These an all other paintings in blog may be purchased from artist at swsilart@gmail.com
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My Purple Passion

This is an all time favorite. It is done in watercolors and ink. Framed in black.
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Jazz at 41

This piece measures 29x40. It is multimedia done with watercolors washes wet in wet. It was then finished with pastels.
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Boats in Fog

This is a watercolor measuring 16x20.It is one of my favorite all time paintings. It is reminiscing of my times living by the water.
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Autumn Staircase

This painting is composed of four parts. There are two 20x20 on each side and in the middle there are two 6x6. They are done in acrylic and make one piece.
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In the Heart of a Flower

This flower grows in my yard in summer. It is called Rose of Sharon. The painting is framed in a gold frame 16x20.
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A Sunny Day

This painting, although somewhat abstract, is painted in watercolors framed to measure 16x20. The bright sun inspired it.
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Tree in a Row

This is a collage with an oil base. Again, I am inspired by autumn. Measurement are 9x12.
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In the Pink

This is another oil 18x24. These is , of course, a Spring scene. The trees are very beautiful long about April. This is a red bud.
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Autumn Cascade

I am surrounding by beautiful trees and they are just gorgeous right now. This is an oil painting 14x14.
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Autumn In The Mountains

This oil painting is one of my favorites. Measurements are 18x24.
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn On My Mind

This small mixed media collage measures 18x9. I had several small paintings and I put them together to form this collage. I added touches of white ink to complete it.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birds are going away

After a summer of enjoying birds . the wise little dears are now gone. But we humans will remember then and wish for their return.This is a mixed media work. Background was poured in watercolors and then the line applied with black pastel. The white trees were applied with FW white ink.This painting is small a 9x10.
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They Are Gone Now

I just completed this painting and may publish another photo of this painting. It took a while to get the desired effect. I started with a loose wet in wet background and after a day or two applied the cheese cloth which I secured to the support with matt medium diluted.I painted some of the rose colors and colors some ink on the cheesecloth. After a few days I applied more paint,darks with indigo and then just played with it till I got the painting. The title is a bit elusive as is the painting. Perhaps a distant memory of some flowers. Mixed media. 16x20.
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Clouds Puffs

I constantly look at the sky from where I live up on a mountain. I painted this scene from the heart remembering those times.This is a multimedia work framed in a 16x20.
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Doing a demo

Here I am having a great time doing a demo for the Smoky Mountains Art League in Bryson City. I had a great audience and got to share some of the experimental art techniques I have been using in my paintings. There were still many other techniques that were not shown because of time. Visit my blogs at Artist International Gallery and Daily Painters International Gallelry as well.
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall on my mind

This painting is an acrylic 12x12. It is painted on canvas . It has some ink lines. It took a while to paint this one and has many layers, but I finally got it the way I wanted.
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Newspaper article

This article appeared in the Asheville Citizen on Friday announcing a demo that I will do tomorrow at the Swain Co. Center for the Arts in Bryson City,NC. I will demo some of my favorite techniques for using watermedia.Will report on how it goes because watermedia paintings are unpredictable.That is the fun and challenge of it.
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