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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dawn at Last

This painting also grew out of the crisis. I was just about to give painting up for good, but then, such is life and I got back in love with painting which is the equivalent of being in love with life.Just when one thinks they are out of inspiration here comes a painting. I have learned to deal with this aspect of being an artist. Hope all will enjoy the emergence from crisis. Thus the title. Measurements are 20x30, acrylic on canvas.
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  1. What a perfect title for this softly beautiful piece, Silvia!

  2. My favorite colors again - and on a large canvas! Woo Hoo! Sil, this one is lovely - can't wait to see it!

    So sorry you had the moment of art-darkness but glad you are back in the sunshine and painting up a storm! Wonder what you are working on today?