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Sunday, October 17, 2010

They Are Gone Now

I just completed this painting and may publish another photo of this painting. It took a while to get the desired effect. I started with a loose wet in wet background and after a day or two applied the cheese cloth which I secured to the support with matt medium diluted.I painted some of the rose colors and colors some ink on the cheesecloth. After a few days I applied more paint,darks with indigo and then just played with it till I got the painting. The title is a bit elusive as is the painting. Perhaps a distant memory of some flowers. Mixed media. 16x20.
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  1. Oh My Goodness, Silvia! This one rocks! Love the color and the texture...was worth the extra time bringing it to this finish! It's a WoW! Maybe we can see it at the workshop?

  2. Yes, it is hanging in the house. Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked it. Silvia